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Now You Can Start Your Car with Laser-Cut Transponder Keys

Replace worn out keys with laser-cut transponder keys from Will's Lock & Key in Honolulu, Hawaii. We offer advanced automotive locksmith services to get your car started again. Contact us today for more information about key cutting and programming.

Replacement Keys

These keys have been offered since 1997 on select vehicles, and since 2006, many others have also offered them. BMWs have used them since 1990 and Mercedes has used these since the 1980s. Since then, this industry includes side meld and laser-cut keys. These keys are side-cut using a laser as a guide to ensure precise fitting in each cut. We offer replacement of all laser-cut keys for:

• Honda
• Infiniti

• Lexus
• Kia
• Jaguar

• Audi
• Volkswagen
• Hyundai

Have a Car without Keys?

When you have a BMW, Mini Cooper, or Range Rover without keys, send us your EWS and a door lock cylinder. We will cut and program new keys to start your car. We also offer key replacement for the following vehicles:

BMW—3 Series (Body E36/ E46 1999–2004),
Z4 (1999–2004), 5 Series (Body E38 1999–2002),
7 Series (Body E38 1999–2001), X5 (Body E59 1999–2004
Range Rover—HSE 2002–2005
Cooper—Mini & Mini S 2002–2003